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May 31, 2007

Jim Protzman comments in another thread:

“Hi Gerry.  I’ve received a dozen or so emails with questions about what happens now with the budget . . . and I don’t have any good answers.  Would you be willing to do a live-blogging session at BlueNC sometime (soon?) to help us citizens understand what the process looks like, who’s on first, etc?”

I’ll take under advisement doing any live blogging, but for now, feel free to ask me any questions about the legislative process by posting your question as a comment in this thread.  I’ll either reply in the comments myself, or do a new post to answer the question if it merits in-depth treatment.


We’ve got provisions

May 31, 2007

A special provision in North Carolina usage is a section of text in the appropriations act explaining or limiting appropriations, amending statutes to conform to fiscal changes, amending statutes in a substantive way, or setting out total amounts appropriated.

An analysis of the House passed budget (HB1473-5th edition) and the Senate passed budget (HB1473-8th edition) shows a total of 404 provisions.  Of those, 163 are identical in both bills, 121 appear in both bills but are different, 67 appear only in the Senate version, and 53 appear only in the House version.

NC Budget enactment timelines 1961-2007

May 31, 2007

The North Carolina Legislative Library has a document called Budget History 1961-2006.  I’ve synposized the information to cover only long session (odd-numbered years) and added 2007.

This year the budget cleared the House and Senate (and headed to conference) on May 31, 2007. The only earlier dates were 2003 (April 30), 1973 (May 16), 1995 (May 18), 1993 (May 28), and 1963 and 1979 (May 30).  Latest dates were August 1 (1989) and August 6 (1987).

Budgets were enacted into law before July 1 in the following long sessions :  1973 (May 16), 1963 (June 5), 1979 (June 7), 1965 (June 10), 1961 (June 15), 1969 (June 16), 1975 and 1995 (June 26), 1985 (June 27), 1977 (June 29), and 1971, 1999, and 2003 (June 30). Latest enactment was September 26, 2001. (an after-June 30 enactment involved passing a stop-gap bill)

Below are the long session dates:

Year Bill S.L. Intro. Passed House Passed Senate Presented to Gov. Enacted
2007 H1473  — 12-Apr-2007 11-May-2007 31-May-2007        —–     —–
2005 SB622 276 16-Mar-2005 16-Jun-2005 5-May-2005 11-Aug-2005 13-Aug-2005
2003 HB 397 284 10-Mar-2003 17-Apr-2003 30-Apr-2003 30-Jun-2003 30-Jun-2003
2001 SB 1005 424 5-Apr-2001 28-Jun-2001 31-May-2001 21-Sep-2001 26-Sep-2001
1999 HB 168 237 1-Mar-1999 2-Jun-1999 17-Jun-1999 30-Jun-1999 30-Jun-1999
1997 SB 352 443 10-Mar-1997 5-Jun-1997 23-Apr-1997 28-Aug-1997 28-Aug-1997
1995 HB 229 324 21-Feb-1995 3-May-1995 18-May-1995 pre-veto 26-Jun-1995
1993 SB 27 321 1-Feb-1993 28-May-1993 13-May-1993 pre-veto 9-Jul-1993
1991 HB 83 689 18-Feb-1991 7-Jun-1991 13-Jun-1991 pre-veto 13-Jul-1991
1989 SB 44 752 23-Jan-1989 1-Aug-1989 28-Jun-1989 pre-veto 10-Aug-1989
1987 HB 1514 738 21-May-1987 5-Aug-1987 6-Aug-1987 pre-veto 7-Aug-1987
1985 SB 1 479 5-Feb-1985 25-Jun-1985 25-Jun-1985 pre-veto 27-Jun-1985
1983 SB 23 761 20-Jan-1983 13-Jul-1983 13-Jul-1983 pre-veto 15-Jul-1983
1981 SB 29 859 22-Jan-1981 3-Jul-1981 29-Jun-1981 pre-veto 8-Jul-1981
1979 SB 124 838 19-Jan-1979 30-May-1979 25-May-1979 pre-veto 7-Jun-1979
1977 SB16 802 18-Jan-1977 21-Jun-1977 20-Jun-1977 pre-veto 29-Jun-1977
1975 SB45 875 24-Jan-1975 16-Jun-1975 13-Jun-1975 pre-veto 26-Jun-1975
1973 HB50 533 17-Jan-1973 15-May-1973 16-May-1973 pre-veto 16-May-1973
1971 SB33 708 21-Jan-1971 29-Jun-1971 25-Jun-1971 pre-veto 30-Jun-1971
1969 HB20 807 21-Jan-1969 6-Jun-1969 9-Jun-1969 pre-veto 16-Jun-1969
1967 SB19 1107 14-Feb-1967 28-Jun-1967 28-Jun-1967 pre-veto 4-Jul-1967
1965 HB12 914 3-Feb-1965 3-Jun-1965 3-Jun-1965 pre-veto 10-Jun-1965
1963 SB13 683 8-Feb-1963 30-May-1963 28-May-1963 pre-veto 5-Jun-1963
1961 HB10 833 9-Feb-1961 8-Jun-1961 13-Jun-1961 pre-veto 15-Jun-1961

Senate and House budget bills

May 31, 2007

The Senate and House have each passed their versions of the 2007-2009 North Carolina state budget, House Bill 1473


NewHouse Bill 1473, 8th edition 5/31/2007. Budget bill as it passed the Senate 5/31/2007, incorporates floor amendments adopted 5/30/2007 (PDF Document 1125 KB) Index


LATEST AVAILABLE COMMITTEE REPORT:Senate Appropriations Committee Report on House Bill 1473, May 30, 2007 (PDF Document 561KB), covers 7th edition


  • House Bill 1473, 5th Edition, as passed by House of Representatives May 11, 2007 (PDF Document 936 KB) Index

  • House Appropriations Committee Report on House Bill 1473 (incorporates all changes for 4th and 5th editions), May 9, 2007 (PDF Document 534 KB)

  • Crossover list posted !

    May 30, 2007

    North Carolina General Assembly Research Division staff have prepared a crossover list, showing all bills that passed on house by the May 24, 2007 deadline for non-money bills to pass one house. This list does not include appropriations and revenue measures exempt from the crossover deadline, unless such a measure has passed from one chamber to the other by May 24, 2007. Individual analysis of the particular measure not “crossing over” is necessary to determine whether it is subject to the crossover deadline.

    Senate budget draft as approved by committee

    May 29, 2007

    2007-2009 Senate State budget approved by Appropriations, Pensions & Retirement and Finance Committees

    The Senate budget committee substitute approved May 29, 2007 has been posted on the web. (1178 Kb  .pdf file) This version incorporates the amendments adopted in the Appropriations and Finance Committee on May 29, 2007. It is 272 pages long. 

    Index (Table of contents) added 

    The bill index (table of contents) is here.

    Committee report (money document)

    NewSenate Appropriations Committee Report on House Bill 1473, May 30, 2007 (PDF Document 561KB)

    The full bill status page is here.

    Full coverage of budget documents in the 2007 General Assembly is archived here.

    Senate budget draft released

    May 29, 2007

    Proposed 2007-2009 Senate State budget draft and committee report released 

    The proposed Senate budget committee substitute and committee report hve been posted on the web.  The bill is 272 pages long. The bill will not be available in the bill status system until after the first committee to consider it reports it out.

    Here is how the links appear on the main page of our website:

    Budget Bill: 

    New – Proposed 2007 Appropriations Act (House Bill 1473  Senate Proposed Committee Substitute) for Senate committee action, released May 29, 2007 (.PDF Document 1178 KB)

    Index to budget bill (actually a table of contents) (.PDF Document 79 KB)

    Committee report: 

    NewSenate Appropriations Committee Report on House Bill 1473, May 29, 2007 (.PDF document 575KB). This document outlines the budget, including details of changes from the Governor’s proposed budget contained in the Senate budget.

     Full coverage of budget documents in the 2007 General Assembly is archived here.