Carolina Hurricanes season ticket group for 2009-2010

May 27, 2009

Since 1999 I’ve organized a Carolina Hurricanes season ticket group. For 2008-2009 we had 13 families sharing 9 seats to all 41 home games. (Members are currently legislative staff, lobbyists, a neighbor, and friends)  A season ticket group enables members to get tickets at a discount, get better seats due to longevity, and share in various promotions that the team offers to season ticket holders.

For 2009-2010 we’ve reserved 9 seats again:

 303G22-25 (balcony premiere, box office price $40, we pay $27.50) – these seats are in the upper level, fifth row, at the blue line at the end of the arena the Canes shoot twice.

303A1-5 (mezzanine — box office price $50, we pay $37.50) upper level front row, no obstructions, these seats are between center ice and the blue line.

Due to one person dropping out, I am looking to resell 50 tickets (two tickets each to 25 games) in either price range. A new person in the group does not need to buy all 50, minimum is 14  (two tickets to each of seven games).

If I am oversubscribed I will see about adding more seats to my group.

Once we have all the orders in and the schedule is released in mid-July, we have a lottery among the participants in the group to pick games — every year all participants have gotten at least three of their first five game choices.

If you would like to participate in the group, email me at Let me know if you want the $27.50 tickets or the $37.50 tickets, and how many tickets. Minimum 14 tickets (two to each of seven games). Reply by June 6. First come first served.

Payment for tickets will be due 1/3 June 13, 1/3 July 13, and the remaining 1/3 August 13.  The season wil strat in early October with some preseason games in late September.

In addition to discounts and great seats, there are additional benefits:

  1. You can buy additional single game tickets at a discount
  2. You get a voucher for one free ticket to select games for each 12 tickets you buy
  3. You get promotional items
  4. We get invitations to special practices and season ticket holder parties that we share around among the group.
  5. You get access to a season ticket holder discount card that gets you 10% off almost all merchandise.

What hath crossover wrought, Part 2

May 17, 2009

As previously mentioned, there were 303 Senate bills and 424 House bills that passed each house between opening day and Thursday, May 14, 2009, the crossover deadline in the 2009 NC legislative session.

For those wonks, here are more links showing how much went on each day of crossover week. Those links will continue to be good, showing you bill status for those bills as of the day you inquire:

Senate bills passing third reading in the Senate:

 prior to crossover week: 180

 Monday, May 11:         32

 Tuesday, May 12:         16

 Wednesday, May 13:    53

 Thursday, May 14:        22



House bills passing third reading in the House:

 prior to crossover week: 220

 Monday, May 11:         30

 Tuesday, May 12:         34

 Wednesday, May 13:    55

 Thursday, May 14:        85


What hath crossover wrought – Part 1

May 15, 2009

With crossover come and gone for the 2009 Regular Session of the North Carolina General Assembly, I’m getting a lot of calls and emails asking “what made crossover?”

Follow the following hyperlinks, which take you to the:

303 Senate bills and 424 House bills that passed each house between opening day and Thursday, May 14, 2009.  The links will continue to keep you up with the current status of those bills all the way through end of session and beyond.

Former Speakers in the Senate; mid-session moves from H to S

May 11, 2009

I’ve gotten a number of inquiries about whether any former North Carolina House Speakers have later served in the Senate, and whether any House members have also served in the Senate during the SAME session.  These questions have been prompted by former House Speaker Dan Blue ( Speaker 1991-1994) moving over from the House to the Senate in the week or so, appointed to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Senator Vernon Malone.

Yes to both questions.

1) Representative Phil Godwin D-Gates, House Speaker during the 1971 Session*,  moved over to the Senate, winning election in 1972 and serving as a Senator in 1973-74. This may also have happened previously.

* Godwin was also Speaker the last day of the 1969 session as the prior Speaker resigned that day to take a judicial appointment.

2) There have been several House members moving over to the Senate DURING their House term, appointed to fill unexpired terms (this research goes back to 1973 covering the entire term, and also 1943-1972 if the vacancy occurred during the first year of the term, as there were no even-year sessions 1943-1972 so no second year journal to research membership changes. Vacancies have been filled by appointment since 1953, prior to that special elections filled vacancies):

Conrad Duncan, D-Rockingham 10/11/1977

Tim McDowell, D-Alamanace 9/20/1985

Roy Cooper, D-Nash 2/20/91

Martin Nesbitt, D-Buncombe 2/21/2004

Ed Jones, D-Halifax 1/24/2007

2009 NC bill filings down 23.6% (or 26.0%) from 2007

May 8, 2009

We’re now past the final deadlines for most bill introductions in the 2009 long session of the North Carolina General Assembly.  Total bill filings dropped by 23.6%, with a 19.4% drop in the House and a 29.2% drop in the Senate. When factoring out companion (identical) bills, there were 26% less total filings.

 Resolutions and a few categories of bills (such as redistricting) can still be filed.

Here are  comparison stats from 2009 and filings at the same point in the 2007 session:

                      HOUSE        SENATE     TOTAL

2009:        1651                   1101         2752

2007:       2049                   1555        3604

CHANGE   -19.4%            -29.2%      -23.6%

A companion bill is the same bill as another filed in the other house (they miught be filed at the same time or later in the session.  In 2007 there were 1137 companions, in 2009 there have been 926.  Factoring these out, here’s how many different bills were filed:

2009         1826

2007          2467

CHANGE: -26.0%

As mentioned previously, the total of bill drafting requests dropped by 16.6%  between 2007 and 2009. the disparity between this number and the total bills filed indicates a sharp uptick in drafting requests that did not result in bills being filed. In 2007 a total of 3,948 drafting requests were made, resulting in 2,467 filings (62.7%), while in 2009 3,627 requests were made with 1,826 bills filed (50.3%).

In 2007, there were 24 House bills and resolutions and 20 Senate bills and resolutions filed after the deadlines.

NC State House redistricting plan maps and stats online

May 8, 2009

House Bill 1621 changes House Districts 16 and 18.

A full set of maps and statistics can be found here.

A closeup map of revised House District 18 in New Hanover County can be found here.

Bill drafting requests down almost 17%

May 4, 2009
The total number of substantive bill drafting requests received by North Carolina legislative staff is down by almost 17% comparing May 4, 2009 with the same point in the 2007 Regular Session, a reduction from 3948 to 3293.  The dropoff has accelerated since I reported a 12% drop as of March 23, 2009.
Interestingly, the number of bills filed in North Carolina has dropped during bad economic times. During the eight-month long 2001 recession, bill filings dropped by 3% compared with 1999; there was a sharper 32.3% drop from 1989 to 1991 during that recession; while bill filings dropped 32.3% between 1929 and 1931.
The final House drafting request deadlines have now passed, just a few requests remain to be processed before this Wednesday’s appropriations bill filing deadline, and resolutions are exempt from the deadline. Senate deadlines were a month ago.
I had noted previously that our paper consumption on an average per bill is down by 36.8% as we implemented in January formatting changes that cut the average length of a bill by 18.5% and are printing 22% less copies of each bill.
The table below shows the statistics in greater detail:
2009 long session drafting        
requests as of May 4 compared      
with same point in 2007 Session 2007 2009 CHANGE  
RESEARCH DIVISION 406 421  +3.69%
DRAFTING DIVISION 3627 2906  -19.88%  
TOTAL 4033 3327  -17.51%  
BLANKS 85 34  -60.00%  
SUBSTANTIVE TOTAL 3948 3293  -16.59%