2009 NC Session to date

July 2, 2009

Some stats on the 2009 Regular Session of the North Carolina General Assembly as of July 2, 2009, with some comparisons to 2007:

Session Laws enacted by 7/2/2009:  272 (Of the 272 acts, 182 were signed into law by the Governor, the other 89 were local acts that do not require gubernatorial approval and one was a redistricting bill that likewise becomes law when signed by the presiding officers of the two houses.)

Session Laws enacted by 7/2/2007:   159    (grand total for entire  long session 551)

Thus we are well ahead of the 2007 pace! 

Some of the difference (but not much) is because Governor Perdue has been acting on almost all bills within 5-7 days after they reach her, while Governor Easley almost always took 9-10 days (10 is the maximum)

Date in 2007 we reached 272 Session Laws: July 27, 2007


Other stats to bookmark and follow:

Bills on the Governor’s Desk: 14 as of noon July 2, 2009

Bills to be ratified:  7 to be ratified July 8 (I know the webpage says July 7, but that is not correct). Ratification is the stage where final action has been taken by both houses and the bills await signature by the presiding officers.