Carolina Hurricanes tix available cheep

September 9, 2009

This is my tenth season as leader of an eleven-family season ticket group sharing nine Carolina Hurricanes season tickets. I have 50 tickets to resell that were not claimed in my pool (one member from last year dropped out).  This year, my group consists of five legislative staffers, two lobbyists, a neighbor, an attorney, and a former coworker of my son.

After allocating out the tickets to the group, I have some left which I’d love to resell at well below face value and slightly below what I paid for them.

Some of them are mezzanine seats (mezz on the chart below), first row in the upper level between the blue line and center ice (Section 304 Row A), while the others are balcony premiere seats are the fifth row in the upper level at the blue line where the Canes shoot twice, (Section 303, Row G), on the aisle.   The mezzanine seats are $50 at the box office, I am selling them for $35 each (except the preseason games are $30) The balcony seats are $40 at the box office, I am selling them for $25 each (except the preseason games are $20)  

The table below shows date of game, opponent, game time, and how many seats are available at each price range.  If it says “2 plus 2”, it means there are two seats available at each price range. If it says:  “2 or 2”, it means you can choose either price range.  If there is a number in just one column, then that is the only price range available for that game.    For some games, a parking pass is available at $7, a savings of $3 from the $10 you pay at the gate to park. The column “pkg” indicates if there is a parking pass available.   If you would like any tickets, or tickets and parking, please let me know, this is first come first served. 

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Carolina Hurricanes season ticket group for 2009-2010

May 27, 2009

Since 1999 I’ve organized a Carolina Hurricanes season ticket group. For 2008-2009 we had 13 families sharing 9 seats to all 41 home games. (Members are currently legislative staff, lobbyists, a neighbor, and friends)  A season ticket group enables members to get tickets at a discount, get better seats due to longevity, and share in various promotions that the team offers to season ticket holders.

For 2009-2010 we’ve reserved 9 seats again:

 303G22-25 (balcony premiere, box office price $40, we pay $27.50) – these seats are in the upper level, fifth row, at the blue line at the end of the arena the Canes shoot twice.

303A1-5 (mezzanine — box office price $50, we pay $37.50) upper level front row, no obstructions, these seats are between center ice and the blue line.

Due to one person dropping out, I am looking to resell 50 tickets (two tickets each to 25 games) in either price range. A new person in the group does not need to buy all 50, minimum is 14  (two tickets to each of seven games).

If I am oversubscribed I will see about adding more seats to my group.

Once we have all the orders in and the schedule is released in mid-July, we have a lottery among the participants in the group to pick games — every year all participants have gotten at least three of their first five game choices.

If you would like to participate in the group, email me at Let me know if you want the $27.50 tickets or the $37.50 tickets, and how many tickets. Minimum 14 tickets (two to each of seven games). Reply by June 6. First come first served.

Payment for tickets will be due 1/3 June 13, 1/3 July 13, and the remaining 1/3 August 13.  The season wil strat in early October with some preseason games in late September.

In addition to discounts and great seats, there are additional benefits:

  1. You can buy additional single game tickets at a discount
  2. You get a voucher for one free ticket to select games for each 12 tickets you buy
  3. You get promotional items
  4. We get invitations to special practices and season ticket holder parties that we share around among the group.
  5. You get access to a season ticket holder discount card that gets you 10% off almost all merchandise.