The 1940s on Halifax Street

Last week, I posted about several North Carolina legislative employees who have been working here more than 40 years. In researching that, I stumbled on one current legislative employee who lived on the site of the Legislative Building in the 1940s, and another who lived then three doors down towards the Capitol. Details below.

Halifax Street in the 40s, under the Senate chamber. 

At 216 Halifax Street (current site of Senate chamber), was the residence 1943-1947 of A.J. Jones (Gosnell), a current employee of the House Principal Clerk’s office. At 118 Halifax Street (current site of Museum of History) was the residence 1944-1948 of Rosa Kelley (Stephenson), LA for Rep. Charles Thomas.

City of Raleigh Map, August 1948 (courtesy city of Raleigh, addresses marked by me)

(oops, 126 on map above should be 216, but the dot is in the correct place) A.J.  lived on the first floor of a two story walkup, which would have put her entry door around the center of the Senate chamber, but one floor down. In the 1945 City Directory alphabetical directory she’s listed as “Anna Gosnell, helper, Raleigh Letter Writers”. A.J. says that was her job back in 1945.

The House chamber is on the site of what was a Nabisco bakery in 1945. Note from the map above that the site of the Legislative Office Building was a rail yard in 1948, and that one spur ran all the way to Jones Street.


3 Responses to The 1940s on Halifax Street

  1. gray webber says:

    In 1940(according to a Raleigh city directory) our family lived at 513 Halifax St; I was 1yr old at the time.I read with interest your posting “the 1940s on halifax street” and hope that someone may have some additional information, or photos,of the street during that period they would be willing to share.I have no other information regarding our stay there and any help would be appreciated.

  2. K says:

    My father’s family lived at 218 Halifax when he was born, according to a 1921 city directory I found online. Thank you for posting this. A bakery across the street, a railyard in the next block … sounds like heaven for a little boy!

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