Our Rosa Kelley started as a state employee in 1950

Back in 2007 I wrote a short piece about the 1940s on Halifax Street (the block where the Museums of History and Natural Sciences abut) and mentioned that Rosa Kelley (current Legislative Assistant to Representative Tricia Cotham) lived on that block at 118 Halifax Street beginning in 1944 when she enrolled in Peace College (her parents also lived there). (The linked map is from the 1940s and shows a rail spur where the current LOB is)

I also mentioned in 2007 about several legislative employees who at the time had been employed here since 1965

I was talking to Rosa last week about her long history as a state employee, and here’s her resume which has to be close to a record for longevity with 53 years of service over a 62+ year span:

  1.  Administrative Assistant to Adrian J. Newton, Clerk of the North Carolina Supreme Court, January 1950 to sometime in 1960.
  2.  Steno Pool, North Carolina General Assembly, March 1, 1969 to July 4, 1969 (assigned to Senator Hargrove “Skipper” Bowles and Senator Herman Moore)
  3. State Board of Education 1969-1989, (Administrative Assistant to A. C. Davis who was Controller of the State Board of Education 1969-1978, Supervisor of the Worker’s  Compensation Division 1978 until August 1, 1989.)
  4. Legislative Assistant, North Carolina General Assembly 1989-present, worked for Representative Joni Bowie, Wilma Sherrill, Charles Thomas, and Tricia Cotham. Before becoming permanent also worked in interims for Departments of Revenue and Transportation and North Carolina National Guard.

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